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Amty Hey Kate!! Well this platform is to spread the divergent work of people like you not to steal anyone's work. I haven't mentioned or claimed it as my work. It was taken from a random google image search. I would be more happy to link your page as link or mentioning your name as a part of the post below the image. But it seems that you are a bit unhappy with that so I am removing that image from this post temporary until you wish it to appeared again. I am really sorry if I hurt you in any ways.
kate mellersh Why are you using my photograph of a bike wheel and its shadow without my consent and without crediting me as the photographer? This image now appears elsewhere on the web credited to YOU! It appears on Flickr with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED clearly marked on it. Please do not steal other people's work. It pisses off the original artist. Please remove this image now. Kate Mellersh
Rajju Rajalaxmi It's awsome picture's really i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amty It is given on top right corner:
Kiara Cool thanks for posting! by the way are there feeds to your blog? I’d love to add them to my reader. Thank you for this extraordinary post, I am pleased I discovered this web site on yahoo.
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